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We believe that martial arts should be a safe and welcoming environment for all participants, regardless of background or identity. We make no exclusions because of:

We are committed to creating an inclusive culture that values diversity and promotes respect and understanding. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment, and we will work to ensure that our training is accessible to everyone over the age of seven years who wants to participate.”

We will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments as possible to ensure that you have the opportunity to receive the highest standard of training. For those with special physical, mental health needs such as neurodiversity, we have instructors, coaches who have experience in adapting training accordingly.

We will also strive to maintain good safeguarding standards. We will endeavour to empower you, parents and carers to make informed decisions when selecting us as a club.

You would be most welcome to visit the dojo and we can talk about these adaptations with you. If we can assist by giving you or your child a high standard of training by making such adaptations then we will do so without hesitation. Not only that, should you decide to join us, then you are encouraged to provide confidential feedback  after each session so that we find out just how we are doing and to consider other options where appropriate.

If we both feel that we cannot help because it would be unsafe or unsuitable then we will guide you to our colleagues at SCOPE (www.scope.org.uk) who can offer routes and signposting to alternative opportunities.

With regard to accessibility we are located on the first floor of an old mill. Regrettably, although we would like to provide suitable access for everyone, we cannot do that. There is no functioning person’s lift. This means to access the academy there are two flights of stone stairs with two turns.  

Our policy can be read here: